From design to concept realisation

From single unit projects for individuals to corporate and multi-national headquarter facilities for clients – Full Circle continues to lead the way in quality and on-time construction. We are specialised in installation activities, logistic services on-site, international transportation operations, the supply of manpower and assistance with local organisations and operational support.
The idea originated in the early nineties. With the founding of Full Circle, the company has turned into what it is now: a truly global player, with strong German roots. In fact, all our suppliers are truly German manufacturers. Full Circle has collaborated with internationally renowned companies and architects; and now has outstanding experiences in construction projects around the globe to show for it. We think and act globally.
Full Circle can provide an outstanding service for public and private buildings, infrastructures, residential and commercial buildings and offices.


Full Circle can provide solutions of feasibility analysis, design, consultant management, site selection, project programming, construction administration and commissioning. The experience of the Full Circle team allows you to manage every kind of project and every kind of construction site in order to find the ideal way to realize the project, to optimize costs and execution times in terms of design and logistic. Full Circle guarantees a reliable management of the relationships between the construction company and the local partners, institutions and suppliers.

Installation activities
  • Quality, on-time construction
  • Site selection
  • Logistics services on-site
  • Project & construction management
  • Design
  • Commissioning
  • International transportation operations
  • Supplying manpower: selecting and training your personnel
  • Assistance to local organisations, operational support
  • Solutions for feasibility analysis
  • Project programming
  • Consultation management


As we also call ourselves a consulting company, we provide consultation in providing financial and legal assistance, tax advisory, market analysis and support in the planning of a strategic development plan for the client’s business. The company’s strength is the awareness of the local dynamics in global developing countries. We assist our client in the financial part of the project: developing an effective cash flow system, implementing an accurate financial plan, managing the banking affairs related to loans, guarantees & bonds.

  • Providing financial and legal assistance
  • Developement of effective cash flow system
  • Implementation of accurate financial planning
  • Managing banking affairs related to loans, guarantees & bonds
  • Tax consulting
  • Market analysis
  • Support in planning the strategic development of the client’s business

„We felt we had to rely on our own company
to develop our projects on time and to budget.
Hence we created our own construction division,
harnessing the immense talent of our own workforce.“

Our Team

Uniting from various sectors, backgrounds, experience and expertise, our team focusses on quality and perfection. Staying true to OUR philosophy, background and ethics, we employ our own architects, engineers and supply chain managers as well as project managers. Our Team is at your service for any kind of request when it comes to investment and real estate investment -from planning to the optimal solution.

Our Offices